I N L AN D   T O U R S
1 hr. climb to the Top of Tarraw Cliff with an experienced guide.
The climb is difficult but without ropes. Enjoy a fantastic view.

Only advisable for excellent hikers.
Walking shoes are a must!

Duration ca. 3 hrs.            7am or 2pm
P500 per person, min. 2 people
2. Sibaltan Cultural Tour & Island hopping + Snorkeling  
Visit the cultural sites in Sibaltan, Lunch at Tapik Resort, half day island hopping and
snorkeling at  nearby islands in the afternoon.
Balay Cuyonon Musuem is a replica of a Cuyonon house, inside there are items that a
typical household would have. From cooking utensils, grooming items, lamps and hunting
gears. Along with those items are their Cuyonon names and descriptions. The Balay Cuyonon
Museum was built with the help from donations and the community bayanihan. A lot of the
locals spent their weekends tending the grounds and the herbal garden by the Museum.  
Pangko Maritime Museum in Sibaltan, sheds some light into the history of Cuyonon
migration. Cuyonons managed to cross the Sulu Seas, traversing at least 100 nautical miles
to reach the shores of Paragua, what we know now as the land of Palawan.  
In the afternoon explore the white sand beaches and enjoy world class snorkeling in the
Sulu Sea.

Price: P2,400 per person, min. of 4 people
Includes: Van transport, 2 Museum visits, Lunch at Tapik resort, guided boat tour and
Mask with Snorkel.
Pangko Boat Museum
Balay Cuyonon
3. Nagkalit kalit Waterfall / Nacpan Beach
Take a road trip to Pasadena and hike 1 hour to Nagkalit-Kalit Waterfall through secondary forest and have a swim in the
refreshing pool of the Waterfall. Walk another hour back to the road where vehicle is waiting.
Take another ride then to Calitang and enjoy the white sand beach of the famous
Nacpan Beach.

Price: P1600 per person, minimum of 4 people.
Includes Transport, guide and packed lunch.
There are several difficult
areas on this climb.