AIR SWIFT, El Nido's airline flying from Manila to El Nido 5x a day, 1 daily flight from El Nido-Cebu v.v. and 1 daily from El Nido-Boracay (suspended as by April
26, 2018)
and Clark to El Nido several days a week, Manila to Basco Batanes MO/WE/FR/SU!  Airswift has now flights also daily between El Nido-Puerto
and Puerto to Busuanga (Coron) and El Nido to Busuanga v.v.
You may book online at: or book directly with us. For assistance with online bookings, please contact only the airline.

Route                                           Timetable               
EL NIDO - MANILA  DAILY        8:00, 12:00, 16:00, 17:00, 17:35                                            
MANILA - EL NIDO  DAILY        6:30,  7:00,  9.55, 11:00,  14:00
EL NIDO - CLARK                        MO/WE/FR/SU   8:55H   
CLARK - EL NIDO                        MO/WE/FR/SU  11:35H    
EL NIDO - CEBU                          Daily 12:55  &  MO/WE/FR/SU  8.55AM
CEBU - EL NIDO                          Daily 15:15  &  MO/WE/FR/SU 11:15AM
EL NIDO - CATICLAN (Boracay)  Daily 13:25   
CATICLAN - EL NIDO                 Daily 15:00     
EL NIDO - BUSUANGA                MO/WE/FR/SU   11:35  
BUSUANGA- ELNIDO                  MO/WE/FR/SU   12.30  
BASCO BATANES - MANILA      MO/WE/FR/SU 8:00                        
Check-in for all flights 2 hrs. before the flight.

19 Oct to 31 Dec 2018
MNL-ENI     P7,000 - P8,600
ENI-MNL     P7,000 - P8,600
CLR-ENI       P4,200 - P8,550
ENI-CLR       P4,250 - P8,600  
ENI-CEB       P5,500 - P8,600
CEB-ENI       P5,600 - P8,700
ENI-Caticlan   P4,750 - P8,600
Caticlan-ENI   P4,750 - P8,600  

1 Oct 2018 to 31 March 2019
ELN-PPS        P3470    
PPS-ELN        P3470
ENI-USU        P3
USU-ENI        P3
PPS-USU       P4900 -  P5400 regular fare.
USU-PPS       p4900
-  P5400 regular fare.

Low Season: 18 June to 18 Oct 2018
MNL-ELN       P5,300 - P8,600
ELN-MNL       P5,300 - P8,600
CLR-ELN          P3,950 -  P8,550
ELN-CLR          P4,000 -  P8,600  
ELN-CEB          P4,900 - P8,600
CEB-ELN          P5,000 - P8,700

1 June to 30 Sep 2018
ELN-PPS           P3300
PPS-ELN           P33
Fares:  Fares subject to change without prior notice, incl. terminal fee

LUGGAGE:  include your prepaid Luggage in your booking request
High Fares (P7000+): 20kg free  + prepaid luggage
Regular Fares:           10kg free  + prepaid luggage
Prepaid Luggage:        5kg  P120
(must be booked        10kg P200
4hrs. before flight)   20kg P320
Maximum Luggage      Total 30kg    
Hand luggage:            7kg
Senior-Citizen (Filipino Citizen with valid OSCA ID + Valid ID)
Infant Fee:               P336
Terminal Fees:    Manila: P200  / Cebu P300 /
El Nido: P200 /Clark P150 /Basco P100  (included in above prices)

Rebooking Fee:                         P1176+100 Service charge per passenger per sector (48 hours before)
Name Change/Transferability:  P1568+100 service charge per passenger per transaction (48 hours before)
Cancellation/Refund Policy:  A passenger can request for a refund provided that the unused Ticket are returned to the Carrier within one (1)
year after the issuance of the Ticket. Corresponding cancellation and other processing fee P1,500 per sector/way shall be deducted from the
total refund amount. Payments paid trough paypal will be refunded within 2 days from approval. Other methods of refund may be prolonged.

AIR SWIFT departs from:
Manila - Terminal 4 in Manila
Cebu   -  Mactan International Airport,Cebu
Destination:  Departure      Company                                     Dep.Time (not daily)  Fare                                
Coron      TUE-SUN      M/Bca. Bunso (outrigger Boat), 6-7 hours   8:00am                P1300  free Lunch
DAILY          Montenegro Lines Fastcraft,   4-4.5hours    6.00am               P1966 incl. Service Charge - (no food)
                      We accept Advance bookings only for Montenegro Lines - please email us.
     DAILY          PHIMAL Fast Ferry             4-4.5hours   8:20am     1pm  (only over the counter bookings)

Fast Craft: Montenegro Lines: daily El Nido - Coron at 6am. Travel time 4 hours. Coron - El Nido daily 12nn. During Peak season there is an
additional trip.  You may
email us your Name, Date, Age, Nationality.
Regular Fare over the counter only the day before departure is P1760, this may be booked out.

  • Large outrigger boats Travel time 7 hrs. Fare: P1,300. For tickets you may visit our Travel Center. Since the weather condition will be observed first, we
    are not selling tickets in advance, just over-the counter a few days before the departure.
  • As an alternative you can join a 5 days Expeditions from El Nido to Coron vice versa with Tao Philippines departing several days a week. email

Note: Boats and Ferries may get cancelled when there are gale warnings issued by
   Cancellation charges 30% for cancellations 3 days before trip or for cancellations by Company due to bad weather.
    Terminal Fee El Nido Port P20 to be paid at port.
Contact us:
El Nido Boutique & Artcafé
Sirena St., Buena Suerte
El Nido, 5313 Palawan
Telephone:  Office hours: 7:00-19:00h
Office:  +63-9209026317  

Yahoo Messenger:
Viber us (messages only): +639209026317
Flights Manila to Puerto Princesa:
Air Philippines & Pal Express  
Cebu Pacific    

Flights Manila to Busuanga:
Air Phil Express
Cebu Pacific  

Flights Puerto Prinsesa - Cebu:
Cebu Pacific
Philippine Airlines

Puerto Princesa  -  Davao: Cebu Pacific and Airasia
Flights that you can
book online:
There are regular Shuttle Vans between Puerto Princesa and El Nido almost every hour from 4am to 8pm.
The last bus leaves Puerto Princesa at 9pm from San Jose Bus Terminal, Puerto Princesa.
Some Shuttle Vans have departures near the airport arrival. Upon arriving inquire at the Tourism information at the airport or
directly with the van outside. Fare P550 to El Nido.

Here are some Van companies where you can book;  At Artcafe's Travel Center we only book El Nido Departures!
Daytripper      Comfortable Van         Tel. 0917-8488755    
Eulen Joy Van                                   Tel. 0999-7093766             Email:
Lexxus Shuttle                                Tel. 0917-5859612      Email:
Camarih Shuttle                       Tel. 0917-8497646              Email:
Kevin John Transport                 Tel. 0916-4425138               Email:      
Miroju                                  Tel. 0936-2368059

El Nido - Sabang with vehicle transfer in Salvation. Daily 3 departures: 4:00, 8:00, 11:00am.
El Nido - Port Barton 2 daily departures  8:00/13:00h    Company: Nature island

Private Van Hire: Puerto Princesa - El Nido one way 1-6 Pax  P6000.
      Sabang-El Nido    P7500  
El Nido - Puerto Princesa Cherry Bus departs 7:00, 9:00, 11:00, 13:00, 21:00.  
Cherry Bus:              Tel. 0949-9752005     Fare: Aircon P550  - tickets sold at Artcafe Travel Center
RoRo AIR-CON Bus     Tel. 0998-1846761/0917-5971182  No times available
Therms and Conditions / Cancellation Policy:
FLIGHT CANCELLATION: Rules and Cancellation policies of airlines are
applied. Cancellation fee is P1500 per passenger per sector by   Rebooking
charge P1276 per person per sector.

PRIVATE VANS: Cancellation 72 hours before the trip are refundable or
rebookable. Cancellation charge 10% of paid amount. Cancellation less then
72 hours before scheduled departure will be forfeited. El Nido Boutique &
Artcafe / Distal Island hopping & Transport Services is a sales agent and
is not responsible for the vehicles, service, safety and reliability.
1. Email your details to
  • Date and Time preferred:
  • Complete Name:
  • Gender
  • Birth date
  • Contact Info:
  • Email:
  • Hotel/Resort in El Nido:
  • Passport Details: Number, Country, Expriy, Nationality

1. Confirmation will then be sent to you via email. If flight requested is not
available,  we will offer you the best alternative.
2. See Payment instructions and conditions. We accept Paypal (if you inform
us we can send invoice -involves charges) or Bank transfer (takes at least 5
days) and involves transfer charges. We have BDO, BPI. You need to
shoulder any charges. Large Payment must be done via Bank transfer.
3. After we receive your Payment we will finalize Reservation and an E-
ticket will be forwarded to you.

1. Allow 5 hours for Flight Connections from/to other airlines (give
allowance for delays). Check in 2 hours before required.
2. Please send your inquiries only via
email, not via Facebook Page.
4. You may call us first to check on the Availability. Availability may change
any moment.